BSMng Car Tracker

BSMng Car Tracker

The Speed Limiters was designed and manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of Speed Management System in the world.

BSMNG Speed Limiter is approved by FRSC and SON. BSMng offers unmatched geographical spread across the country.

Speed Limiters- Benefits

Installation is handled by our expert installers

Installation time is about one (1) hour
BSMng Professional Indemnity Insurance up to N15Million

Speed Limiters Installation

Fuel Saving up to 20% per annum
Fast return on investment
Safer and improved driving behaviour
Savings on maintenance cost, repairs, tires, damages and emission
Demonstrable CSR due to more economical and sustainable fleet
Compliance with relevant road traffic law
Sustainable and socially responsible road behaviour

Speed Limters Features

Features: Electronically controlled, CAN-bus compatible, Plug & Play T-harness, Specific mounting kit, Easyfit universal mounting kit

Compatible with: Drive-by-wire technology/Mechanical accelerator pedal